Official Herd Team Kit

The Herd Team Store is currently OPEN!



The store will close on February 2nd. Estimated Delivery is April 9th. The next order will take place in August for Autumn Delivery.

There is a US Store and a European Store. If you order from the wrong store and have to pay more for freight or duty, consider it your tax for not following directions and reading to the end! (Herd Momma “tough love”, right there 😘 )

Rest of the World, do your research on the value of your money compared to either store.

NEW SPECIAL SUMMER GEAR IS AVAILABLE: Sleeveless Jersey, Summer SPF Sun Sleeves, SuperDooper High-Tech Summer Tank Tops for all your hot needs! Pairs well with the Illex shorts, HRL KITS!

The Team Store is greatly lacking product descriptions. Please use the main Primal site for searching more detailed product descriptions of the lines i.e. Omni, Evo 2.0, Ilex. Herd Evo 2.0 Jerseys are listed as a “Slim Fit” but it is actually a more generous cut than even the “Club” fit jersey from our first vendor, Starlight. Choose one size up to match the standard fit.

Herd Racing League (Black & Red) Omni Jerseys are also Slim Fit. These have 4-way stretch and conform to body contours well, but if you aren’t into that sausage casing look, I’d definitely size up.

Best of all, PrimalWear has the Primal Guarantee…”We know you’re going to love your Primal apparel as much as we do. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with our products or service, please let us know and we will make it right.” There are NO SOCKS this round due to minimums. We might be able to offer them again in the Autumn store.

PRIMAL US STORE: You will be able to shop as “Guest” if you don’t want to create a login.

PRIMAL EUROPEAN STORE: You will have to create an account to get into the store and order. The EU Store is on an older POS system and they cannot re-arrange the order of the items, I know this makes it a massive pain to shop. I have expressed my displeasure with this and the lack of product descriptions. #whenyouwishuponastar

BREXIT: PrimalEurope is saying to carry on exactly as before, however should anyone be hit with an import charge, keep a record and they will reimburse you.

Different countries have different limits on maximum value allowed to be imported without additional 16% duty. Average allowance seems to be £350. Should you place an order for over the allowance level for your country, your order will be split into multiple orders/shipments.

If you have further questions please reach out directly to PrimalEurope. For any Team Store questions or ordering assistance, there is a ‘Help’ category with FAQ information, phone#, and at times LiveChat on the company website.